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Fridge Empty at 555? Restock at Safeway!


Everyone knows that it’s important to find a reliable neighborhood store to do your weekly grocery shopping, and Safeway’s E Street location certainly carries plenty of fruits and veggies, baked goods, meat, and other pantry staples. But this store also offers a variety of other goods and services, including an on-site pharmacy, Amazon lockers, key-making, Fed Ex drop offs, and more, so you can make your grocery run do double duty. Even better, Safeway offers offering same-day home delivery through its mobile app (you can also use the app to order catering, though the deli needs 24 hours’ notice for catering orders). 

Whether you simply need to stock your refrigerator with eggs, milk, and cheese, or are looking for something special, like a birthday cake or a tray of take-and-bake lasagna, Safeway has you covered. Check the website for weekly sales and current opening hours.