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Target Is Open for Business Near 555


Target has a reputation for being a one-stop shop where you can find all the essentials you need, and the Rosslyn location is no exception, despite being an “express” Target, with a smaller physical footprint than the company’s usual megastores. You’ll find clothing and home goods here, of course, as well as electronics, bathroom products, and a pharmacy. This location also carries produce and other groceries, as well as wine and beer. There’s even a mobile phone kiosk where you can shop for a new smartphone, update your current device, or check out various service plans (in fact, Target hopes to roll these mobile services out to all its stores over the next year). 

Regulars say this store is kept neat and tidy, and since it’s an express location, it’s easy to pop in quickly, grab what you need, and be out on your way again.