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Treat Your Bicycle to a Tune-Up at Conte’s Bike Shop


There’s no better time for a bike ride than during the summer. What could be a better feeling than riding along, breeze blowing through your hair despite the heat?  If your bike is in need of a tune-up, repair, or full-fledged replacement before you can hit the road, head to Conte’s Bike Shop in Navy Yard.

Schedule your appointment for contactless drop-off or pick up online, or visit the store yourself to take a look. Their services range from a basic tune-up to a complete disassembly and overhaul. Whatever it is your bike needs, they’ll make sure it gets it. And with a free, no-obligation estimate, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into. 

If you’d rather pick up an entirely new bike, there’s something for every style and budget at Conte’s. They stock brands like Electra, BMC, and Pinarello, with a wide range of products including mountain bikes, kids bikes, and fitness bikes. 

While you’re in the shop (or placing your online order), be sure to stock up on whatever accessories you might need, too. From clothing and helmets for you to car racks or baskets for your bike, Conte’s Bike Shop has everything you could want, and then some.