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Build Your Own Bowl at Chopsmith


Open since January 2020 in the Wharf, Chopsmith serves fresh salads, bowls, and sandwiches with an emphasis on healthy, wholesome ingredients. The café space is open and airy and offers plenty of room to get in and out without crowding other patrons.

Choose from greens and grain bowls with your choice of protein, hearty plates with grilled or baked meats, or sandwiches loaded with vegetables and sauces. Try the grilled avocado bowl with salmon, or the wharf louis salad piled high with jumbo shrimp. The options at Chopsmith are packed with good-for-you ingredients, and even last a day or two if you want to load up your refrigerator. And for vegetarian or vegan eaters, Chopsmith is a veggie-lover’s paradise with lots of flavorful options and protein alternatives like ginger miso tofu or grilled halloumi cheese.

The full menu is online, and the site also supports online ordering for even quicker service.