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Don’t Skip the ‘Experience for Two’ at Agora


Agora has always called themselves a gathering place, which has made the last few months that much more difficult on the eatery. But as restrictions begin to ease, and you’re ready for in person dining again, Agora is ready to welcome you back to enjoy the simple pleasure of sharing a meal with family or friends. The indoor dining room and patio are now available by reservation, and the kitchen is cranking out the familiar Mediterranean dishes that you know and love. 

Order baba ghanouj and labneh for the table, plus a variety of cold mezze and flat breads to pass around. Then it’s onto expertly prepared lamb chops or manti dumplings…dishes that you almost certainly haven’t been able to enjoy at home. Agora also offers an "experience for two" with seasonal fish or tandir kebab with spiced ottoman rice. You can finally toast to sitting across from your sweetie and eating something that you didn’t prepare yourself. 

Find Agora right between Dupont and Logan Circle on 17th Street. Be sure to make a reservation before you visit.