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Bistro Aracosia Appeals to Vegetarians and Meat Eaters Alike


There are expert chophouses, and incredible vegan restaurants, but rarely are those two specialties done well at the same place. That’s what makes local favorite Bistro Aracosia so special. The cuts of meat, delicious kabobs, and rich stews are simply amazing, yet the restaurant was also voted as one of the top 50 Best Restaurants in the US for Vegetarians by Forbes magazine. But the accolades don’t stop there. Yelp, Tripadvisor, and OpenTable have all awarded Bistro Aracosia with a top rating in a variety of categories. And did we mention the vegan, gluten free, and halal options as well? Bistro Aracosia not only does it all, they do it all really well. 

The dining room is now open if you’d like to experience the eatery’s dishes in person, and online to-go orders are available for the full menu (including cocktails). Plus, Bistro Aracosia offers raw meats marinated in house for you to grill at home. Check out what all the buzz is about with an order, and don’t forget to tack on a few extra items to stash in your refrigerator. Bistro Aracosia is located on MacArthur Boulevard, between the Palisades and Berkeley neighborhoods.