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Start Your Day With a ‘Brunch Box’ at Pearl’s Bagels


First impressions are important. That’s why, as a brand-new addition to DC, the slew of five-star reviews that Pearl’s Bagels has accumulated already is especially impressive. 

“Crispy on the outside, pillowy and dense inside,” writes one reviewer, noting the “generous amount of everything seasoning” topping her classic choice. “The plain bagels have delicious flavor and are perfectly cooked,” adds another. “I’m glad to welcome Pearl’s to the neighborhood and will definitely be back!” One more can only express their enthusiasm with caps lock: “AMAZING BAGELS!! The bagels we ordered came HOT and fluffy.”

It’s clear that Pearl’s has brought plenty of joy to their earliest customers. Currently available via online ordering for no-contact pickup, their bagel selections hit all the classics: plain, everything, sesame, onion, poppy, and cinnamon raisin. You can pick up your bagels individually or in bulk, alongside an assortment of spreads. Better yet, you can choose a sandwich or “brunch box” featuring customer favorites like lox or bacon, egg, and cheese. 

Whether you need a quick breakfast on the go or plan a brunch for the whole family, Pearl’s Bagels has an option for you—and they’re only just getting started!