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Sip Socially Conscious Coffee at Slipstream


Slipstream is a DC coffee shop that embraces a few core concepts: community, quality, and socially conscious food and drink. To be sure, owners Ryan Fleming and Miranda Lopez have evolved elements of their vision over the years (moving from coffee to include cocktails, for example) but the shop has always remained true to its mission to provide top notch service and expertly prepared beverages.

In recent months the shop has evolved again, this time to providing contactless pick-up service for all customers. You can order from the hot breakfast/lunch menu until 4 pm daily (regulars recommend the Cubano breakfast sandwich), or you can select a dinner meal kit that contains everything you need to prepare your favorite Slipstream menu at home (burgers, pasta, etc). Whatever you choose, don’t forget to add a cocktail or cup of coffee to savor alongside your meal.