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The Roasted Boon Is a New Coffeeshop Near 555


You might think that it’s hard to mess up a cup of coffee. And, with fast food chains offering value menu prices and global franchises with a convenient familiarity on every corner, a cup of coffee is easy to come by. But a good cup of coffee is priceless—it’s an experience, from the ambiance of a popular cafe to the feel of a warm cup brought to your lips. Sitting down to savor each sip or grabbing a caffeine boost on the go, the right coffee stop can make or break your day. 

With that in mind, it’s good to know that a visit to The Roasted Boon, a new addition to the Shaw neighborhood, comes highly recommended. Yelp reviewer Michael C., for example, writes “Coffee was awesome and the service couldn’t have been better! Very attentive and knowledgeable staff. Definitely recommend to everyone!” Li S. adds “This is my new favorite coffee shop.” “11/10. Amazing. Comforting. Great,” explains Mahathi T. 

If these glowing reviews aren’t enough to convince you, The Roasted Boon’s efforts will be. From beans roasted in-house⁠—how many coffee shops can you name where you can see the roaster as you place your order?⁠—to the vivid, culturally-enriched decor, you just might find your new favorite cup of coffee in your new favorite cafe.