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Chocolate Chocolate Serves Specialty Sweets Near Your Apartment at 555


Chocolate Chocolate, say it again! This small-but-mighty shop tucked into the bottom floor of the offices along Connecticut Avenue packs so much sweet, creamy goodness into every square inch, they deserve the name! Even a true chocoholic will take months on end to work through the different varieties at Chocolate Chocolate, from small batch artisanal chocolates to fine European collections, and more. 

Grab a bar bundle, foil-wrapped novelty chocolates, or nostalgia boxes for any time you need your cocoa fix. The nutty barks, handmade patties, or rich meltaways are popular choices, and don’t forget hot chocolate, bridge mix, and even sugar free options. Chocolate Chocolate also creates personalized chocolates for parties or wedding favors, plus the bulk sweets by the pound for you to mix and match your favorites. If your sweet tooth craves it, Chocolate Chocolate has it. 

Visit the website to see all of the options, or come visit this friendly, family-run shop for gifts and goodies galore!