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Find the Perfect Valentine’s Day Card at Copenhaver


Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day is all about finding that perfect card that expresses everything you feel, with a gift to impress. That can be a lot of pressure! But not when you have Copenhaver in your corner. This sweet little stationery shop has been around for ages and they have a carefully curated selection of the perfect cards for every occasion, especially Valentine’s Day. The cards are typically sourced from smaller makers, no big-box standard cards that lack sentiment here! Each range from a few bucks to $10 for a real splurge that will add the wow factor with intricate design and the perfect message.

Now, if you’re looking to go really all out and make the most of Copenhaver’s expertise, you can get a custom card made! These guys are experts in letterpress and custom design that truly adds a special touch to any moment or occasion. Pop in and see what they dream up with you!