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Opening for the Season in May Near 555 in DC: USDA Farmers Market


Opening May through October, the USDA Farmers Market will welcome shoppers searching for fresh, organic produce, homemade bread, and other local foods. But that’s not all the Department of Agriculture’s annual market has to offer. 

“Each Friday, you’ll see this place get swarmed at lunch time as people flood the market to get fresh and delicious meals,” explains Yelp reviewer Juliet A. From pizza or falafel to honey or goat cheese, there’s an option for every visitor to enjoy. 

Beyond the food, be it for lunch or to bring home, there’s even more to love about the USDA Farmers Market. In addition to providing opportunities for dozens of farmers and small businesses to sell their wares, the Market offers an educational program, VegU, focused on fruits and vegetables. In a short class, you’ll learn to “feed your mind” and “nourish your body” by developing skills like growing, preparing, and storing your produce properly.

As one customer writes, “This market is smaller than many of the more famous ones in DC, but they still put out some really good product and often cheaper than what you find elsewhere.” From grabbing pizza for lunch to picking perfect produce, you’ll experience all this and more at the USDA Farmers Market.