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Lengthen and Strengthen at Dupont Circle Yoga


Over the past year, we’ve gotten more and more used to doing everything at home. We work at home, we play at home, and we exercise at home. 

When it comes to the latter, the right workout class can make all the difference. You can download dozens of different apps in search of the perfect yoga routine to unwind and stretch out after a long day in front of your computer. You could scroll through Pinterest and YouTube, looking for a good routine. Or, you could sign up for a virtual membership with Dupont Circle Yoga

For your first two weeks, you can tune into unlimited online classes for just $20. And, from there, you can sign up for an unlimited monthly membership or enjoy your favorite classes at a drop-in rate. Best of all? You can do all of the above from home, combining an expert’s guidance with the convenience of online instruction. And, of course, when you’re ready to workout in person again, Dupont Circle Yoga will be waiting.