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Expect New American Fare at Firefly in Dupont Circle


Firefly offers the best of both worlds—it not only has the excitement of a recent opening, but it has more than twenty years’ experience offering food, drinks, and atmosphere to DC locals. With their recent reopening, they’re leveraging that experience to create a whole new version of Firefly. 

One particular highlight of Firefly’s work is its commitment to sustainability. The menu focuses on seasonal, local ingredients, offering the freshest possible ingredients. Firefly takes advantage of recycled and compostable products, too, and offers plant-based vegan and vegetarian options in addition to their standard menu. 

That menu, undoubtedly, is the most enticing aspect of Firefly. From artisan greens and sticky mango chicken wings to chickpea stew and bananas foster bread pudding, they highlight a wide variety of flavors and ingredients. With avocado toast elote at brunch or a glass of champagne with dinner, there’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect touch to make your meal a great one.