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DC Ghost Tours: Explore Our City’s Spooky Side This Halloween


Are you ready to experience a spookier side of D.C. that you’ve never seen before? Naturally, as the nation’s capital, there have been a lot of events that are let’s say, swept under the rug. Sometimes, those events lead to supernatural activity! And that’s what you’ll uncover on a spooky evening with D.C. Ghost Tours

You have two tour options to discover our fair city’s haunted past. One is a 60-minute option that stops at eight locations over the span of a mile, and the other is a 90-minute tour that stops at 12 locations along a one-mile-and-a-half-long path. You choose your spooky adventure! Stops include places like The Blair House where Harry Truman’s failed assassination took place, as well as The Hay Adams Hotel where Henry Adam’s wife passed. That’s just the beginning!

Grab your tickets online. They’re sure to sell out this Halloween season!