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Save Room for Dessert at Bistro Du Jour


Treat yourself to a night without cooking and visit Bistro Du Jour! This adorable, yet elegant bistro is the perfect place to visit for any way that loves the atmosphere of a French café and food that hits the spot every single time. 

The entrees have a traditional French twist to them with popular items being the French onion soup, moules frites, the croque Madame and the nicoise salad. They also offer a tremendous selection of small plates and appetizers to fill in the gap between drinks and dinner. Small plates include salade verte, which is a tasty blend of avocado, grapefruit and radish, gougeres, which is warm cheese puffs with gruyere, or try the popular pain et beurre, which is a French baguette with French salted butter. 

Make sure you save room for dessert too, because Bistro Du Jour has the renowned baker Mah Ze Dar in the kitchen cooking you up some delicious sweet treats every day. Try the chocolate explosion cookies, the vanilla choux or for something different the decadent devil in ganache cake.