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Gather With Friends for Lebanese Food at ilili DC


Enjoying a Lebanese meal is as much about hospitality and socializing as it is about the food. Now that sitting down with friends around the dinner table is probably back on your to-do list, why not embrace the Lebanese approach to mealtime and reserve a table at ilili DC? The eatery specializes in Middle Eastern food and drinks with a focus on shareable small plates.

That’s why the list of hot and cold mezze is so extensive. You can conceivably build an entire meal with these tapas, especially if you pair it with a signature cocktail like the Thyme After Time. The vodka-based beverage includes a dash of Aperol and thyme-grapefruit cordial. Enjoy it alongside freshly whipped hummus paired with your choice of extras, like pine nuts or wild mushrooms, and perhaps some of the tabbouleh or moussaka. Then choose a few of the hot mezze, like the signature falafel featuring fried chickpeas and fava beans or the Brussels sprouts complemented by grapes, fig jam, walnuts, and a drizzle of mint yogurt. If you’re hungry enough to enjoy an entree, you can’t go wrong with the lamb-stuffed grape leaves or the day boat scallops with tahini labneh.